Dilmurod Ikromov from Uzbekistan

Dilmurod from Uzebekistan - Current student at Murray State University

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My name is Dilmurod Ikromov. I come from Uzbekistan. I pursued my Bachelor’s Degree at Andijan State University in Uzbekistan. I majored in teaching English as a foreign language. I have always been passionate about teaching languages. My passion brought me to Andijan Development Center, a local language learning center where I taught English to different age groups and levels for over three years. Currently, I am a graduate student at Murray State University, majoring in HDL.

Why did you decide to study outside of your home country?

Studying abroad was my childhood dream. In 2014 I came to the USA as a Summer Work and Travel exchange program participant. That was when I had a chance to visit several schools in the USA where there were a lot of international students. Having seen the many opportunities they had to learn and to grow personally and professionally, I decided that I would definitely go to a graduate school in the USA.

How did you choose Murray State University?

I heard about Murray State University from a graduate student at Murray State who previously went to the same school with me in Uzbekistan. She told me about how great the atmosphere was in Murray, how professional the staff were, and how engaging the classes were. I applied for three schools in three different states to have some options to choose from. Luckily, I was admitted to all three schools. I chose Murray State University out of the three options I had since they granted me the International Leadership Scholarship. Above all, I was very impressed by how attentive, helpful the staff were at the International Student Admissions Office by responding to my emails very quickly, answering my questions fully and clearly. They proved that they do care about each and every international student here.

Why did you choose to study HDL?

As I mentioned earlier, I have a huge passion for education since it can bring light and happiness to the lives of millions of people out there. The HDL program at Murray State University offers great opportunities for those who would like to be in leadership positions in broad range of spheres including education. Ever since I started classes in the department, I have been learning a lot from my professors and getting the right tools to create, lead, and administer educational programs.

What do you enjoy most about being a student at Murray State University?

I enjoy every second of my student life at Murray State since it has been giving me an opportunity to grow professionally and personally. The classes are really challenging. The professors encourage you to take your professional and personal life to the next level and they give you the confidence to do it. After each class I am pleased because I feel the sense of achievement.

What is your favorite thing about Murray State University?

One thing I really love about Murray State is its diversity. There are a lot of students from different countries, states which allows you to learn a lot about diverse cultures and expand your horizons of thinking. The exposure to diverse cultures also encourages you to be more open-minded.

How is studying in the USA different than Uzbekistan?

In the USA, since most schools welcome international students, the student body is so diverse that you will intentionally or unintentionally learn to look at things from different perspectives. Apart from that, I personally learned to make decisions about my life independently.

What do you plan to do after you graduate from Murray State University?

After graduation, I would love to perform an internship at the UNO Headquarters to gain some experience in leadership so I can apply my knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of my country.

What would you tell students in Uzbekistan who want to study in the US?

I would say: “Do not be afraid to dream big and to break the shell of your comfort zone. Dreams always come if you work hard and smart”.

Are you a member of any clubs or student organizations?

I am a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.