FYE & 100T Courses

First Year Experiences (FYE courses)
The FYE 098 (New Student Orientation) courses are primarily designed to assist students admitted with conditions and undeclared with the academic and social transitions associated with college life. The development of specific success skills such as time management, note-taking, study strategies, and academic and career guidance activities will be included in the class. The purpose of the new student orientation classes is to assist students in adjusting to college life and to enhance their knowledge of Murray State University. All freshman students admitted on conditions and undeclared must enroll in FYE 098. This course is a letter graded, one-credit course.  FYE 100 (Freshman Orientation II) is a course that provides support for students returning from academic suspension or probation.  Advisors work with students to advise them into an appropriate FYE 100.  (Effective FA14, FYE 100 is not required to be taken with a 100T course for students declared and admitted with conditions.)
Freshman Transitions (100T courses)
All new full-time freshmen are required to register for an orientation class (100T) during the fall semester unless excused by the department chair for declared majors or the instructor of IDC 100T for undeclared majors. The course carries one hour of academic credit and is graded on the pass-fail system. The purpose of this orientation is to acquaint students with information concerning curricula, activities, facilities and personnel, and to assist students in making adjustments to college life.  IDC 100T is offered for undeclared majors who are admitted without conditions.

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