Academic Advising Resources

Academic Advising

Click here for information on advising, RACR audits, registration, etc.

Majors, Minors and Areas

Click here for more information about majors, minors and areas offered at Murray State.

"I Am..." Major Exploration

Choosing a major and career path is a process, and there are many resources on campus to help you purposefully navigate this process. Click here to find resources and links to these campus offices, free assessments and tools to explore and research available options.

Get Involved

Getting involved with others who share your passion for athletics, being of service to others, or supporting a cause is simply a great way to tackle stress. Also, research shows that college students who get involved on their college campus are more likely to stay in college. They balance their academics with social interactions and make great connections and lifelong friendships. Below are some links to help you get involved!
Racer Athletics
Student Organizations, Student Government Association and Greek Life
Residential Colleges
Campus Recreation and Wellness

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