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The Center for International Business and Trade seeks to support growth in the region in the area of international trade through academic programs and outreach partnerships. This unique center, located on the Murray State University Campus in Paducah, Kentucky seeks to provide resources, services, and information necessary to partners in the region that will support innovation, access and success in the global arena. The Center for International Business and trade (CIBT) works to capitalize on the regions many assets which include its geography, access to markets, numerous ports, Foreign Trade Zone designations and Work Ready Communities. The center’s mission is to focus on enhancing and promoting economic development through growth in business and job creation as well as seek student engagement and placement opportunities throughout the region. Adding to these assets are the educational opportunities offered by Murray State University to support international business which include our logistics and supply chain management degree and our master’s program in economic development.

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For more information about the academic offerings, student engagement opportunities, outreach services and ways to volunteer and support the CIBT, please contact the director of the CIBT, Mr. Chris Wooldridge:

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For information on the services of CIBT, please contact:

Mr. Chris Wooldridge

Center for International Business and Trade, Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business

Mrs. Jennifer Frazier

Murray State University, Paducah Regional Campus

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