Center for International Business and Trade

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The Center for International Business and Trade is a partnership among businesses, government and academics dedicated to planning for the needs of future generations through collaborative networks designed to leverage our regions’ tangible and intangible resources to assist business development and education through innovation, international business and trade. This unique Center, located on the Murray State University Campus in Paducah is the hub for key resources, services, and information necessary to innovate and prosper in the global arena.

Capitalizing on the geographic region’s access to markets and the Foreign Trade Zone, the center’s mission focuses on enhancing and promoting economic development through growth in business and job creation. Our collaborative networks and partnerships allow us to be the hub for coalescing the region’s tangible and intangible resources to provide easy access to the information and services necessary to operate in the international business and trade arena, affording and accelerating businesses in our region a pathway to sustainable success.

We were founded and are guided by the following principles:

  • Engagement of a diverse set of stakeholders—including businesses, community-based organizations, organized labor, philanthropy, government, and educational institutions
  • The center will form its initiatives and efforts through being informed by, and aligned with the needs of strategic industries in our region
  • The center will be the hub to support the needs of businesses by leveraging university, local, state, national and global resources to deliver critical information, programming, and other opportunities for new and existing businesses including but not limited to information, and workforce development. This support will be instrumental in advancing economic development through global business and trade, creating new business opportunities and creating jobs for the Western Kentucky region
  • Address the needs of the region’s talent by identifying formal career paths to jobs

We believe these guiding principles will ensure opportunities are provided to exponentially grow businesses in our region that will result in significant economic development for the needs of generations to come.

Educational & Economic Impact

An important factor in the establishment of the CIBT was the designation of the Paducah McCracken County Riverport Authority as a Federal Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ). This means trade barriers are reduced or eliminated and both foreign and domestic merchandise may be moved into zones for operations, storage, exhibition, assembly and manufacturing. This designation positions West Kentucky as a desirable place to grow and locate businesses.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the logistics and supply chain management profession is expected to grow as much as 20 percent. Coupling our logistics and supply management degree with opportunities in international trade via education and internships will further enhance students’ skillsets for entrance into the workforce. The focus on innovation, global business and international trade crosses into many disciplines, fostering an environment where university students, subject matter experts, and the community can engage and exchange ideas across disciplines.

Dr. Sandy J. Miles

“The Center for International Business and Trade will traverse multiple arenas to accelerate businesses and trade through the forging of new partnerships and relationships that will enhance and promote economic development through growth in businesses and especially regional job creation.” --Dr. Sandy J. Miles, The Hutchens Distinguished Professor at Murray State


Join Us.

The partnership among businesses, government entities, and academia is the cornerstone of the Center for International Business and Trade.  As stewards of our region, we are the hub, designed to coalesce the tangible and intangible resources of our region to achieve our mission of providing centralized information and resources necessary to drive innovation, workforce development, and global business and trade business acumen to accelerate business growth and create jobs. 

We depend on volunteer representatives and partners to guide our strategic direction and ensure the Center’s resources and offerings are beneficial and affordable to our constituents in order to provide for the region’s long term sustainable business interests.  We invite corporations, foundations, and individuals to become sponsoring partners. 

As a return on the investment, partners will gain increased international business and trade resources, global visibility and enhanced access to University resources such as people, knowledge and ideas to foster innovations at all levels in the enterprise and promoting a global reach. 


Dr. Sandy Miles
Hutchens Distinguished Professor
Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business
Tina Bernot
Executive Director of Development
Office of Development