The partnership among businesses, government entities, and academia is the cornerstone of the Center for International Business and Trade. As stewards of our region, we are the hub, designed to coalesce the tangible and intangible resources of our region to achieve our mission of providing centralized information and resources necessary to drive innovation, workforce development, and global business and trade business acumen to accelerate business growth and create jobs.

We depend on volunteer representatives and partners to guide our strategic direction and ensure the Center’s resources and offerings are beneficial and affordable to our constituents while providing for the long term sustainable business interests of the region. We invite corporations, foundations, and individuals to become sponsoring partners of the Center for International Business and Trade at Murray State University-Paducah. Becoming a partner ensures business resources and information are available to our region’s businesses and talent necessary to expedite growth and economic development.

As a return on the investment, firms gain increased international business and trade resources, global visibility and enhanced access to university resources such as people, knowledge and ideas to foster innovations at all levels in the enterprise and promoting a global reach. With international competition dictating new modes of thinking access to networks, resources and information will be the catalyst in driving innovation and propelling businesses access to new markets on a global scale.

This unique partnership uniquely qualifies us to take a leading role in our region to offer talent and businesses an unprecedented opportunity to grow globally given our unique geographic location, internationally recognized cadre of Murray State faculty, staff, and global networks, study abroad and exchange programs. Enterprises partnering with the CIBT have direct access to leading thinkers in several fields, and the ability to leverage researchers and business professionals segmented by industry. The close relationships among the network foster dynamic innovative approaches to global business decisions and dilemmas. Additionally, personal assistance and access to over 1,000 international students living in West Kentucky representing 57 countries.

Sponsoring partner levels

We are seeking investment partners for the Murray State Center for International Business and Trade. For more information on this opportunity, contact the Chair of the Advisory Board, Billy Harper ( or Sandy Miles (

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