Center for Financial Planning

Study Tools for the Financial Planning Students


So, you have enrolled in a CFP program. Congratulations on this important step, and on your success thus far in your program. By now, you may realize that much of the material that is covered in a CFP Board registered program is computationally difficult and conceptually complex. To be successful, you must master the material, all the while, juggling the demands of job, family…life.

You may be interested in the line of CFP tools/tutorials that we have developed to assist CFP students, regardless of their current program of study. Our on-line tutorials focus on complex and difficult topics such as: education funding strategies and calculations, bond duration/immunization, modern portfolio theory, life insurance: taxation and policy comparisons, Social Security and Medicare, taxation, retirement plans and estate planning options. Our study aids are widely praised as professional, time-efficient, cost-effective ways to learn and reinforce the financial planning curriculum. Would you like to sample a few of our on-line tutorials? If so, click on the links below.