Major in Economics - Social Studies Certification (grades 8-12)

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degree
(The B.A. degree requires 12 hours of a foreign language; the B.S. degree does not.)

Note: The total number of credit hours earned in business courses (ACC, BPA, CIS, FIN, MGT, MKT, OSY, RES, LST 240 and 540) cannot exceed 25 percent of total curriculum requirements.

University Studies Requirements (43-58 hours)

University Studies selections must include:
    Communications and Basic Skills: 3 hours
COM 161 Introduction to Public Speaking  
    Science and Mathematics:  
MAT 220 Business Calculus, OR 3 hours
MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 5 hours
    Social Sciences:  
ECO 230 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 hours
    University Studies Electives (6 hours):  
CSC 199 Introduction to Information Technology 3 hours
ECO 231 Principles of Microeconomics 3 hours
Note: Certification requires a grade of B or better in one English composition course and a C or better in a University Studies math course, public speaking, and EDU 103 or equivalent course. Additional requirements for admission to teacher education and student teaching must be met. See advisor and/or Office of Teacher Education Services for details.

Required Limited Electives (9 hours)

300 level or higher(except ECO 310), ECO electives approved by advisor

Required Courses for Certification (35-38 hours)

COM 372 Communication in Educational Environments 3 hours
EDP 260 Psychology of Human Development 3 hours
EDU 103 Issues and Practices of American Education 3 hours
EDU 303 Strategies of Teaching 3 hours
EDU 403 Structures and Foundations of Education 2 hours
EDU 405 Evaluation and Measurement in Education 2 hours
EDU 422 Student Teaching Seminar (optional) 3 hours
SEC 420 Practicum in Secondary Schools 2 hours
SEC 421 Student Teaching in the Secondary School 7-14 hours
SED 300 Educating Students with Disabilities 3 hours

Required Minor (21-24 hours)

Choose either geography, history, political science or social science minor. Social science minor is strongly recommended.
Note: If any course is required in the major and minor, a substitute course must be approved by and advisor to gain the total degree program hours.