Minor in Sports Communication

Sports Communication Minor at Murray State University

  • Globally, amateur and professional sports is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of fans, consumers, and participating athletes. Students who are looking for an exciting career in the sports industry should highly consider a minor in Sports Communication. The benefits of the Sports Communication minor will allow you to select a major that fits your interests and career objectives and combine it with a minor that focuses on the sports industry. 

Examples Include:

        Major                                             Minor                                          Possible Career

        Journalism                                       Sports Communication                 Sports Journalism/Broadcasting

        Organizational Communication and Leadership       Sports Communication                 Sports Administration

        Advertising                                      Sports Communication                 Sports Equip. Manufacture (NIKE)

        Business Administration                 Sports Communication                  Professional or College Sports

        Television Production                     Sports Communication                  Work with NBA/NASCAR, etc.

        Psychology                                      Sports Communication                 Coaching

The combinations are truly endless; The application of the minor will vary based upon the students major. However, the Sports Communication minor at Murray State University will prepare students for working in the fast paced sports industry.

Minor in Organizational Communication and Leadership

Course Work - Course descriptions Semester Hours

COM 215—Introduction to Sports Communication (3 hrs.)
COM 315—Coaching as Communication (3 hrs.)
COM 386—Corporate Communication (3 hrs.)
COM 439—Conflict and Communication (3 hrs.)

9 hours of Required Electives:
COM 353—Team Communication and Leadership (3 hrs.)
COM 401—Contemporary Issues in Communication (3 hrs.)
COM 510—Internship (3 hrs.)
HIS 330—Sports in America (3 hrs.)
JMC 384—Sports Media (3 hrs.)
MGT 370—Sports Business (3 hrs.)
MKT 285—Emerging Technologies in Marketing (3 hrs.)
PSY 222-- Sport Psychology (3 hrs.)
SOC 436--Sociology of Sport (3 hrs.)

*JMC 384 - Offered each Spring

**SOC 436--Offered each semester only online


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