Professional Development School

The mission of the Murray State University Professional Development School model is to create a strong collaborative program between district and University faculty committed to developing exemplary teacher and improving p-12 learning. Teacher Quality Institute implemented this program 

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PDS Newsletters

Spring 2019 (Volume 1)

2019-2020 Participants

Caldwell County School District

Caldwell County Middle School

Principal: Steve Smiley

School-Based Educators: Mandy Hooks and Melinda Smith

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Deanna Ladd

Calloway County School District

Calloway Middle School

Principal: Amy Turner

School-Based Educator: Heather Scott

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Carlin Flannery


North Calloway Elementary

Principal: Melinda Hendley

School-Based Educators: Julie Haneline and Noraa Ransey

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Kelly Faulkner and Allison Jarrett


Southwest Calloway Elementary

Principal: Mark Mallory

School-Based Educators: Mallory Bybee and Gina Crider

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Emilea Bullen and Tristan Mize

Christian County School District

Christian County Middle School

Principal: Kevin Crider

School-Based Educators: Brandi Majors and Mary Ryan Griffith

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Lindsay Mitchell


Indian Hills Elementary

Principal: Tonya Oakley

School-Based Educators: Tiffany Leek and Krista Stratton

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Morgan Gamble


Millbrooke Elementary

Principal: Ryan Amerson

School-Based Educators: Erica Kington and Lynda Sweeney

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Shelby Sadler


Sinking Fork Elementary

Principal: Leslie Lancaster

School-Based Educators: Kara Stevenson and Tammy Ferrell

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Kaitlyn Sullivan

Crittenden County School District

Crittenden County Elementary

Principal: Jenni Gilkey

School-Based Educators: Daphne James and Cindy Crabtree

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Kaylin Bess Houk

Graves County School District

Graves County Middle School

Principal: Jonathan Miller

School-Based Educators: Kaci Harshman and Kristen Phillips

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Anne Lance

Hopkins County School District

Browning Springs Middle School

Principal: Jason Clark

School-Based Educators: Michael Griffin and Cody Stirsman

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Andrea Mills


James Madison Middle School

Principal: Matt Melton

School-Based Educators: Amanda Bearden and Suzanne Maples

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Ryan Hargis


South Hopkins Middle School

Principal: Jan Richey

School-Based Educators: Kilee Beshear and Melanie Herrmann

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Ashton Brown


Southside Elementary

Principal: Millie Seiber

School-Based Educators: Sharon Hendricks and Toni Martin

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Leah Buchanan


West Broadway Elementary

Principal: Wendy Eaves

School-Based Educators: Christy Mullingan and Jill Johnston

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Elizabeth Ashley


Lyon County School District

Lyon County Middle School

Principal: Drew Taylor

School-Based Educator: Jennifer Trice

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Alexandria Wheeler


Lyon County High School

Principal: Thomas Radivonky

School-Based Educator: Heather Simmons

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Alexandria Wheeler

Marshall County School District

North Marshall Middle School

Principal: Aimee Lepisto

School-Based Educators: Kayla Staley and Megan Rickard

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Aaron Smith

Mayfield Independent School District

Mayfield Middle School

Principal: Kelly Stinson

School-Based Educators: Amy Hamilton, Garry Scrudato, and Ginny Burchett

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Bethany Cartwright and Gabrielle Rapp

McCracken County School District

Concord Elementary

Principal: Aaron Edwards

School-Based Educators: Natalie Crane and Christal Crane

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Hannah Gilbert


Heath Elementary

Principal: Laine Cooper

School-Based Educators: Stephanie Laird and Christa Cochran

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Victoria Cope


Heath Middle School

Principal: Matthew Blackwell

School-Based Educator: Steven Page

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Tyler Casey


Hendron- Lone Oak Elementary

Principal: Jon Reid

School-Based Educator: Emily Griffith

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Tyler Casey


Lone Oak Elementary

Principal: Jennifer Scism

School-Based Educator: Niki Midyett

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Jalin Burnette


Lone Oak Middle School

Principal: Coye Elliot

School-Based Educator: Natalie Hayden

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Amber Humphrey


Reidland Elementary

Principal: Anne Cox

School-Based Educator: Jennifer Sullivan 

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Gabrielle Rapp


Murray Independent School District

Murray Elementary

Principal: Denise Whitaker

School-Based Educators: Kandi Dawson and Ashley Wyatt

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Emily Green and Macy Glosson

Paducah Independent School District

Clark Elementary

Principal: Steve Ybarzabal

School-Based Educator: Elizabeth LeNeave

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Elizabeth Hicks


Paducah Middle School

Principal: Allene Houston-Jones

School-Based Educators: Karlye Loy, Jeffrey Gentry, Timothy Franklin and Triska Powell

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Shelby Hofer and Kenneth Lang