Fee Schedule

The order of classification of requesting groups will  be determined by the University.  The order of classification to be followed in scheduling facilities is listed below:

(Note: While the classification system is intended to assist the University in establishing fees and charges, it is not intended to be a measure of priority of use.)

Please determine the category that applies to you and/or your group:
A.  Non-revenue-producing reservations - The first hour will be free of charge.  Anything longer is considered an event, and will result in a charge of $15 per subsequent hour.   
B.  Revenue-producing reservations - SEE PRICE PER CATEGORY section

Carr Health Building facilities may be reserved up to six months to-the-date in advance.

Summer Camp Fees
Summer Camp fees are $5 per camper per day or $15 per camper per week.
Cancellation Policy 
Should you have to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.  If you are considered a "no show," we reserve the right to access a fee against your reservation.
Price Per Category
Space A B
9 - Swimming Pool $20 / hour $50 / hour
11 - North Gym n/c $15 / hour
15 - South Gym n/c $15 / hour
204 A - Activity Space n/c  $15 / hour
205 A - Racquetball Court n/c  $15 / hour
210 - Dance Studio n/c  $15 / hour

The swimming pool fee is a per-hour rate for under 25 participants. An additional fee of $15 per hour will be assessed for 26-50 participants. Other space is a per-hour rate based on availability.

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