New Madrid Journal

New Madrid Summer 2015Published twice a year and released at the residencies in January and July, New Madrid is the national journal affiliated with Murray State's MFA program. All MFA students must register for at least one semester on the New Madrid staff. Every winter issue is a special issue. Every summer issue is an open issue. As interns, students use Submission Manager software to read submissions and Collaborate software (embedded in Murray State's Canvas system) to convene online for editorial meetings. Each student also writes and revises a book review for publication in New Madrid.

Our past issues feature the work of Sherman Alexie, Jericho Brown, Michael Gills, Holly Goddard Jones, Beth Lordan, William Trowbridge, Tim L. Williams, Joe Wilkins, and Avra Wing, as well as interviews with T.J. English and Catherine Taylor. New Madrid is also a showcase for emerging writers.

Why New Madrid?

It takes its name from the New Madrid seismic zone, which falls within the central Mississippi Valley and extends through western Kentucky. Between 1811 and 1812, four earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 7.0 struck this region, changing the course of the Mississippi River, creating Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee and ringing church bells as far away as Boston.

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*Summer 2015 issue features artwork by Kim Ambriz