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As You Like It

Murray State Shakespeare in the Schools As You Like ItIf, in your book, "star-crossed lovers" deserve a happy ending, As You Like It is just as you like it! This unit has been piloted with sixth-graders at Murray Middle School, and students just love it! It's also a wonderful companion for Romeo and Juliet.

Henry IV, Part 1

Henry IV-1 First Folio

A charming coming-of-age story in which Hal, a prince with a penchant for practical jokes, must step up when his nation and his father need him most.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This 15-class-period unit was designed for the middle school classroom, but is easily adapted for secondary school use. An ideal companion with Romeo and Juliet—a VERY different "take" on the ancient Greek Pyramus and Thisbe myth that students just LOVE!

Sonnets of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

These sonnet reading and poetry writing lessons may be used at any grade level.

The Tempest

Miranda by John William Waterhouse

This unit, currently in use with third-graders at Murray Elementary School, works better than magic to get young readers hooked on Shakespeare! And it will work just as well with any age group!

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

This unit has been piloted in at least five schools in western Kentucky, mostly with eighth graders. Shakespeare in the Schools Partner teachers: please send your most successful lesson plans and writing prompts from your Twelfth Night units!

Twelfth Night in ONE Day!

Twelfth Night

You can introduce your students to this fun and action-packed play using the activities included in the Twelfth Night in ONE Day lesson plan!

The Winter's Tale

Murray State Shakespeare in the Schools, Perdita by Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys "Exit pursued by a Bear" and a statue that comes to life: meet National Common Core Standards for reading, speaking, listening, and writing with this engaging and provocative play about love, jealousy, forgiveness, and redemption. A wonderful companion play with Othello, one of the offerings at the 2014 Murray Shakespeare Festival.


If you, your school, or your district, wish to incorporate a Shakespeare in the Schools unit, please contact Dr. Barbara Mather Cobb at bcobb@murraystate.edu.


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See the Murray Shakespeare Festival page for information about past and future Shakespeare performances on the Murray State University campus.

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