Liberal Arts Field in Sustainability Studies

Advisor: Howard Whiteman

Course Requirements Hours
Choose six of the following courses: AGR 353: World Food, Agriculture and Society AGR 378: Agricultural and Environmental Management Systems AGR 455: Soil Management ANT 320: Human Ecology ARC 314: Sediments, Soils, and Stratigraphy BIO 103: Saving Planet Earth BIO 112: Field Biology BIO 330: Ecology BIO 506: Advanced Field Biology BIO 578: Conservation Biology CET 284: Sustainable Design and Construction CHE 502: Fundamentals of Toxicology CHE 513: Environmental Chemistry ECO 345: Environmental Economics ECO 410: Economic Development ENG 371: Literature and the Environment ENT 286: Introduction to Environmental Engineering Technology EES/PLN 507: Land Use Planning EES 524: Conservation and Environmental Geology PHI 376: Environmental Ethics PSY 373: Psychology of Consumer Behavior REC 450: Recreational Use of Natural Resources SOC 325: Sociology of Food SOC 380: Society and Technology SOC 455: Environmental Sociology 18
Note: Some Sustainability Studies courses require prerequisites that may not be included in additional field and minor; please check prerequisites before choosing courses. AAPR electives may be substituted for any courses above with Sustainability Studies Advisor and Program Coordinator approval. See the Sustainability Studies website for courses approved for the minor: these courses will be approved for the LBA field as well.   
Total Requirements 18 Hours


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