Major in Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degree

CIP 24.0101

Note: Study abroad, the hours for which will be taken as part of meeting major, minor and/or University Studies requirements, is a required element of this program.

University Studies Requirements — 41-45 hours

(See Academic Degrees and Programs)

Selections must include:

Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity and the World's Artistic Traditions

One of the following:

  • ART 211 Introduction to the History of Art I
  • ART 212 Introduction to the History of Art II
  • ART 213 Introduction to the History of Art III
  • MUS 104 Introduction to Jazz History
  • MUS 105 Introduction to Music History
  • MUS 106 Music in Film
  • MUS 107 Introduction to American Musical Theatre
  • MUS 108 Introduction to World Music
  • MUS 109 Musicianship I: Music Fundamentals
  • THD 101 Dance Appreciation
  • THD 104 The Theatrical Experience
  • THD 201 World Theatre

[Note: Honors Sequence courses fulfill this requirement]

World’s Historical, Literary and Philosophical Traditions

Must include one of the following:

  • ENG 201 Appreciation of Literature
  • ENG 243 Literary Masterpieces: Fantasy, Myth and Legend
  • GDS 201 Introduction to Gender and Diversity Studies
  • RGS 200 Introduction to Religious Studies

[Note: Honors Sequence courses fulfill this requirement]

University Studies Elective

One of the following:

  • ANT 140 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ARC 150 Introduction to Archaeology
  • HIS 221 American Experience to 1865
  • HIS 222 American Experience Since 1865
  • PHI 201 Introduction to Philosophy
  • POL 261 Introduction to Political Theory
  • PSY 180 General Psychology
  • SOC 133 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 231 Social Problems

[Note: Honors Sequence courses fulfill this requirement]

Core Courses — 7 hours

  • LBA 100T Transitions
  • LBA 438 Seminar in Liberal Arts
  • and one of the following:
    • BIO 308 Ethics in Biology
    • COM 260 Communication Ethics
    • HON 212 Honors Ethics
    • PHI 202 Ethics
    • PHI 330 Medical Ethics
    • PHI 376 Environmental Ethics

Fields — 36-40 hours

Choose two fields from the seven designations following [in bold]. No more than one field can be taken from the same designation. Courses in each field are on file in the Registrar’s Office, and on the Liberal Arts webpage on the Murray State website.

Internship/Cooperative Educations

In order to build workplace skills, Liberal Arts majors are strongly encouraged to participate in a program coordinator-approved internship or cooperative education placement. See the Murray State Career Services website for more information.

Required Minor — 21-24 hours

Electives — 0-15 hours

Total Curriculum Requirements — 120 hours

The requirements listed above are an example of what is applicable to most students entering Murray State University at the present time. Criteria as they may relate to individual students may vary. The primary source is the Undergraduate Bulletin applicable at the time of the student enrollment.

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