Mentoring Circle

Mentoring circles are one of the most successful MSU ADVANCE programs over the last four years. The goal of the ADVANCE Mentoring Circle program is to foster a community of women faculty that support each other in the workplace. Each circle will provide participants with a safe forum to choose and discuss topics of interest (e.g., workplace opportunities, challenges, issues of concern or other topics about what is happening in their lives). The discussions will be kept confidential and will not be shared with the ADVANCE team. More structure (e.g., proposed topics) may be provided based on the needs of participants. With sponsorship from the Provost, the mentoring circles are open to all full-time women faculty on campus.

2022-23 ADVANCE Mentoring Circle


4 bi-weekly meetings starting the week of September 19th

2022- 2023 Topics

  • How to deal with burnout and reenergize
  • HR benefits (how to choose for you and your dependents)
  • Classroom management: dealing with difficult students and mansplaining
  • How to advocate and support other women
  • How to say no and setting boundaries with colleagues and students
  • How to navigate academic politics within units
  • Academic advising

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