ADVANCE Writing Retreat

Have you ever felt like you could get that article finished if you just had the time? Carving out time for writing during the semester is challenging, especially given our teaching schedules at Murray State. Even during the summer, it's tough to get our academic writing done. Make your scholarship a priority by participating in the ADVANCE writing retreat this summer. A writing retreat is an opportunity to focus on starting or completing a project by allocating dedicated time to scholarship. Focus on your research for a week in a quiet environment with limited distractions. Then continue that momentum through the summer. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with a week of dedicated writing time. 

2023 ADVANCE Writing Retreat

June 12-16, 2023

Join other women faculty who are looking for dedicated time and space to invest in their writing at the 2023 ADVANCE Writing Retreat. The program will be accepting 20 applicants to participate in a 8 week writing program, starting with a one week in person retreat with writing coach Emily Carson, June 12th-16th. Emily will conduct workshops, co-writing sessions, community-building initiatives, and individual consultations to support a cohort of faculty in developing sustainable strategies and habits of mind/work that increase satisfaction, productivity, and success with research and writing. Our final day check-in will focus on how participants can leverage their writing retreat experience to improve their everyday writing practice. This will be followed by 8 weeks of self-managed writing, and conclude with a follow up meeting in August.

Emily Carson, PhD, has 10+ years experience teaching technical and academic writing to various student and/or professional groups; and 5+ years leading workshops, seminars, individual consultations, and writing retreats and other programming as an academic writing coach. 


"MSU ADVANCE hosted its first annual Writing Retreat May 11-15, 2020. Eleven enthusiastic participants from across the MSU campus spent the week writing and focusing on their research. We checked in by Zoom twice a day and accomplished a lot. It takes a lot of dedication to start something like this the week after finals and we were very impressed by everyone's passion for their work. Great job all!!!" Dr. Maeve McCarthy

"The ADVANCE writing retreat was a great way to kick off the first week of summer with a single-minded focus on research and writing."  Dr. Ali Hendley

"The writing retreat has helped me focus on my research work. The motivation I received while working and connecting with other participants, encouraged me to make tremendous progress towards submitting a manuscript for publication." Dr. Rupkatha Bardhan    


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