Department of Biological Sciences Mission Statement

The mission of the Biological Sciences program at Murray State University is to prepare students for graduate and professional schools, employment in entry-level research and development, and teaching positions in the biological sciences.  

Biological Sciences students will be versatile, flexible graduates who are able to contribute to an employer’s enterprise on a multitude of levels.  The desired balance of technical competency, depth of knowledge, and broad-based knowledge and preparation is achieved via a comprehensive set of curricular requirements.  The Biological Sciences program is designed to:  

  1. Prepare students to be problem solvers.  A heavy emphasis on inquiry-based applications of science ensures that students develop a logical, scientifically sound approach to problems.   This foundation in biology is complemented by significant studies of mathematics and chemistry which further hone our students’ problem-solving abilities.
  2. Provide a comprehensive set of courses in the biological sciences.  Required as part of the core curriculum and complemented by science electives, our courses emphasize the biomedical or ecological fields.  
  3. Incorporate meaningful laboratory experiences into the curriculum beginning with the freshman year (BIO 216: Biological Inquiry and Analysis) and continuing with undergraduate research and internships in both the biomedical and ecological fields.  Laboratory opportunities are critical to scientific development.  
  4. Offer a quality undergraduate program at an institution primarily devoted to liberal arts.  All students are required to complete a significant block of courses in the humanities, fine arts, communications, and social sciences. As a result, students exit the program equipped to communicate clearly to the general public, to understand the broader implications of the biological sciences in society as a whole, and to represent themselves and their profession admirably.  
  5. Provide an outstanding graduate experience through our MS degree by selecting students with high GRE scores and solid undergraduate training in the biological sciences.  Students are mentored by faculty within their research labs.  Faculty maintain active research programs, present their research at national and international meetings, and publish their research in high-quality peer-reviewed journals.  
  6. Prepare students to successfully enter and complete programs of graduate study and professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and optometry.  
  7. Equip students to contribute to society as responsible, ethical practitioners of their profession, as socially conscientious citizens, and as leaders in the commitment to lifelong learning.



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