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Vitruvian Fly illustration

Vitruvian Fly illustration

Welcome to Arkov Lab!

Our primary research goals are to determine the molecular mechanisms that govern development of a special class of stem cells - germ cells, and to understand how RNA-protein complexes assembled in the brain contribute to brain development, function, behavior and neurodegenerative disease.


Germ Cell Development

Our laboratory is interested in understanding of the molecular mechanisms that control development of germ cells. These cells belong to an intriguing class of stem cells that give rise to egg and sperm which, after fertilization, generate a zygotic cell. Subsequently, zygotic cell produces all cell types of the next-generation organism. During our research, we are asking one of the most fundamental questions of cell biology: what is responsible for generation of a particular cell type? Specifically, we focus on the comprehensive structure-function analysis of the RNA and protein molecules that are crucial for germ cell development. Our laboratory utilizes a wide array of genetic and biochemical approaches, including analysis of mutants, proteomics, and functional in vitro assays using purified components. Please visit our Publications page to view the results of our ongoing research.

Brain Development And Function

We discovered novel membraneless organelles in the glia of Drosophila adult brain ("glial granules") and are investigating the mechanisms that control the assembly and function of these large membraneless granules in the brain. We would like to understand how glial granules contribute to brain development, glial and neuronal function, genome integrity and behavior.


Our lab is located on the 2nd floor of the Biology Building on the Murray State University campus. Room 2120, Dr. Alexey Arkov, Biology Research Lab (look for the "Vitruvian Fly" image).

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We thank Drs. Benjamin Prud'homme and Nicolas Gompel (Institut de Biologie du Développement de Marseille-Luminy) for the permission to use their photograph to generate our 'Vitruvian Fly'.

Thanks to Kirsten Spencer for helping with the initial design of our website and Carl Woods for subsequent updates and design changes.

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