Tim Spier

Welcome to my home page! I am a fish ecologist in the Department of Biological Sciences at Murray State University. Previously, I was at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. I am interested in fish, watersheds and all things involved with aquatic ecology. I study both game and non-game native fishes. 

Me with hybrid crappie

Classes Taught

More information on these classes, as well as information on our school and programs, can be found in the Murray State bulletin. You also might be interested in checking out the Hancock Biological Station, which is based on Kentucky Lake. 

  • Fisheries Management (BIO 582/683)
    In Fisheries Management we discuss the theory and techniques used to manipulate fish communities. Students will learn about sampling techniques, management strategies, aging techniques, and many other aspects of fish management. Each student will complete a management plan for a local fish community.

  • Ichthyology (BIO 570/671)
    The study of fishes, concentrating on the fishes of Kentucky. Students will learn about fish anatomy, biology, and ecology. We study all the families of fish found in Kentucky, and students will also learn to identify 70+ Kentucky fish species.

Contact Information

Dr. Tim Spier

Fish Ecologist
Department of Biological Sciences

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