Architectural Engineering Technology

Architectural Engineering Technology students are educated in the process of taking a project from concept, to CAD, to the completed structure. Working together with architects and engineers, they assist in producing drawings and specs for major construction projects. Architectural engineering technology graduates are prepared for careers in architectural design, planning, development, document control and construction as well as technical or sales positions in a variety of manufacturers and suppliers associated with the building industry.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering Technology will provide students with backgrounds in:

  • Architectural design
  • BIM - Building Information Modeling
  • Computer-aided drafting
  • Building structures and structural design
  • Steel and concrete structures
  • Surveying and site planning
  • Construction Estimating

Career Outlook
Architectural Engineering Technology is a program dedicated to teaching the technical, functional and form elements of the design and build processes in the construction industry. The program provides graduates with the information to work with architects and engineers consisting of structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. Graduates of this program hold employment in areas such as:

  • Architectural and Design Firms
  • Engineering Offices
  • Planning and Development Agencies
  • Contractor's Offices
  • Government Agencies