Engineering Management (M.S.)

The Engineering Management (EGM) degree focuses on management and leadership functions. If you are a technical professional who holds or plans to thrive in a managerial role, this program is designed for you. Here you will learn tools and techniques for understanding systems, evaluating project finances, streamlining manufacturing processes, improving quality of products/services, and increasing efficiency of private or government organizations.


Although the career path primarily depends on the individual’s prior engineering, technology or related scientific background, following is a list of positions engineering management graduates may find suitable for them in the industry.

  • Engineering Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Project Coordinator

  • Inventory Analyst

  • Operations Manager

  • Continuous Improvement Engineer

  • Process Engineer


The program provides the following courses in production, engineering analytics and management which help the students to develop and improve analytical, logical and interpersonal skillsets.

Core Courses (18-21 total hours)

  • IOE 682 Production Systems and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 684 Engineering Economic Analysis (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 687 Quality Control (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 690 Industrial Environmental Management (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 691 Industrial Operations (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 692 Plant Layout and Material Handling (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 695 Industrial Supervision (3 credit hours)

Elective Courses (9-12 total hours)

  • IOE 601 Manufacturing Processes (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 610 Operations Research (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 681 Sustainable Energy (3 credit hours)

  • IOE 696 Teamwork and the Management of Technology (3 credit hours)

  • Students may also choose to explore the following elective courses (or similar with HDL, CIS, COM and OSH prefixes):

    • HDL 682 Leadership Organization: Process of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (3 credit hours)

    • HDL 692 Individual, Group and Team Dynamics (3 credit hours)

    • CIS 609 Data Management (3 credit hours)

    • CIS 623 Introduction to Business Analytics (3 credit hours)

    • COM 687 Leadership Communication (3 credit hours)

    • OSH 646 Fundamentals of Risk Management (3 credit hours)

A bachelor’s degree in engineering, engineering technology, science or related fields. Persons holding degrees in other fields may also apply if the nature of the professional employment has provided significant technology-related experience.

An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. The GPA requirement may be lowered if an applicant has substantial industrial experience. In such a case, applicants are required to submit a statement on industrial experience.

In addition to the above, international students are required to submit proof of English proficiency test score. For TOEFL, 71 or higher with no section below 16. For IELTS, 6.0 or higher with no section below 5.0.

The application package (apply online) should include the following:

  • Transcript and Certificate

  • Statement of purpose

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • IELTS or TOEFL score (international students)

  • International students are required to check with International Admissions page for additional requirements.

Download Graduate Program Form (PDF).

Complete 30 credit hours of course work

  • Face-to-face option: 21 credit hours (core courses) + 9 credit hours (elective courses).

  • Online option: 18 credit hours (core courses) + 12 credit hours (elective courses).

Attain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher for successful completion of the degree.


Please refer to the Graduate Tuition Rates website.

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