Mathematical Biology Minor

The field of mathematical biology has been expanding in the last several decades and is ever-more present in many professions related to biology (wildlife management, ecology, microbiology, epidemiology). This minor gives students a theoretical background and practical skills in mathematical biology.

Total hours: 21

Course requirements: Students not in a mathematics program take one or two of

STA 135 Introduction to Probability and Statistics I
STA 235 Introduction to Probability and Statistics II
STA 540 Mathematical Statistics I

and one of

MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MAT 308 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MAT 338 Ordinary Differential Equations.

All students take

BIO/MAT 460 Principles of Biomathematics
BIO/MAT 461 Biomathematics in the Biomedical Sciences

and at least one of

BIO 115 The Cellular Basis of Life
BIO 216 Biological Inquiry and Analysis
BIO 221 Zoology: Animal Form and Function
BIO 222 Botany: Plant Form and Function
BIO 300 Introductory Microbiology
BIO 305 Introduction to Evolutionary Principles
BIO 330 Principles of Ecology
BIO 333 Genetics
BIO 532 Quantitative Ecology
BIO 557 Systematics and Bioinformatics

so that the total number of hours in the minor is at least 21. Six hours must be upper-level courses.