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The Arboretum is wonderful place to visit anytime. At The Arboretum, we believe that plants are the basis of all life on Earth, as well as a basis of spiritual and emotional well-being. The Arboretum at Murray State University will build upon our love for nature and sanctuary, stewardship of the natural world, and the need to nurture environmental learning, we will:

  • Curate, expand and maintain a living dynamic collection of imported and native plants
  • Display the highest standards of horticultural science and landscape engineering
  • Develop policies and guidelines for appropriate, equitable and efficient use and to generate adequate resources for sustainability
  • Become a recognized leader in education, research, and literacy in natural and urban horticulture
  • Create an atmosphere of excitement, enthusiasm and interest to attract and teach community members
  • Provide opportunities for visitors to understand and embrace the importance of conservation and stewardship
  • Assemble an integrated team that embraces life-long learning, shares expertise and knowledge and is committed to the use of the arboretum ground s and facilities to further its mission

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