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The purpose of Murray State University's Hutson School of Agriculture Clubs and Organizations is to promote education in the field of agriculture through extracurricular activities. The school currently has a club that will interest almost any student involved in an aspect of agriculture. This is a list of club opportunities within the Hutson School of Agriculture. Click the arrows below for more information about our Agriculture Clubs and Organizations.

Alpha Gamma Rho is both a social and professional fraternity that provides young men with the opportunity to enhance their college careers. The fraternity promotes leadership and fellowship among it members and participates in numerous events both on and off campus. 

ATA is a National Honorary Agricultural Education Organization that plays a vital role in the preparation of those who have chosen an area in Agricultural Education or Extension Education. We seek to find and enjoy the fellowship of individuals of high scholarship, of true teaching ideals, and of sincere desire to serve in agricultural leadership. ATA provides the vital link between Murray State students, and Agricultural Educators and Extension personnel. 

The mission of this honor society in agriculture is to foster high standards of scholarship, character, leadership and a spirit of fellowship among its members; to strive for breadth of vision, unity of action and accomplishment of ideals; to render service to the students and the Hutson School of Agriculture; and to promote the profession of Agriculture. 

The Agribusiness Club was established during the fall semester of 1995. The mission of the club is to support intellectual growth and development of agribusiness students by encouraging new interests, private sector speakers, and visits to agricultural businesses operating in the region. It is also the objective of this club to make learning fun and stimulating. 

The mission of this club is to promote the growth and science of Agricultural Engineering Technology through fellowship among members with kindred interests; furnishing career contacts for agricultural systems technology students; developing new interests; and improve agricultural instructions, service activities and related areas in order to promote the Hutson School of Agriculture at Murray State University.

The ALC is an organization composed of Presidents and/or a Representative of each Hutson School of Agriculture Club and Organization. It is the goal of the ALC to promote the growth and science of agriculture though sponsoring agricultural activities; developing fellowship among members with kindred interests; furnishing a medium of contact for agribusinesses and students; develop new interests; improvements of agriculture teaching, service activities and related areas. 

Agriculture Ambassadors are a select group of men and women that work to enhance the image of and interest in Murray State University Hutson School of Agriculture. They participate in agricultural activities that relate to recruitment, retention and alumni relations.

The mission of the Agronomy Club is to foster professional growth in agronomy. The students in this club have the opportunity to travel and visit different places that are of professional interest. The Agronomy Club is affiliated with the American society of Agronomy. 

The Veterinary Technology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club is designed to provide students with an opportunity to experience extracurricular events in animal health. Each year during the fall, the club members attend the Mid-America to Veterinary Conference in Kentucky. This allows students to hear speakers from across the country discussing issues in large animals, equine and small animal care programs. students participate in campus activities and host a community wide event, AHT/Pre-Vet Day, in which the community brings their animals for discounted services. They also sponsor continuing education programs for veterinarians, technologists and technicians. The club is for extremely active at the school, university and community levels. Its main goal is to provide extracurricular opportunities to its members in the exciting field of veterinary medicine. 

The mission is to sponsor and promote livestock related youth events; develop fellowship among members, stimulate interest in animal agriculture; and support teaching, research and service activities that will promote livestock production in our region. 

The team competes every other year. The top students compete in regional competition, as well as nationals at the Chicago Board of Trade.

The primary mission of Murray State Collegiate FFA Chapter is to develop and maintain fellowship between students in agriculture related studies and promote activities which develop leadership and citizenship abilities. The MSU Collegiate FFA provides a vital link to high school students and departments of agricultural education. The various club activities are instrumental in the school's recruitment plan. 

The primary mission of Collegiate Farm Bureau is to assist students in creating professional networks at the county, state and national levels to establish a link between their collegiate and professional careers in the agriculture industry. Collegiate Farm Bureau also focuses on agricultural policy and legislative activities. 

The primary mission of MSU Collegiate 4-H is to further the opportunities for youth, function as a service organization, and bridge the gap between youth and the community. Collegiate 4-H assists Kentucky 4-H chapters further their knowledge within their specific disciplines and prepare for their future by living the motto "Continuing to Share, Sharing to Continue".

The Dressage Club consists of a group of students interested in gaining knowledge in the art of dressage for horse and rider. it is open to all disciplines including English, Gated and Western. Students practice regularly and attend various horse shows and clinics.

The IHSA Equestrian Teams at MSU are an extracurricular activity that is closely associated with equine science. Its mission is to provide a mechanism for students to use their talent and abilities developed in academic classes to compete with other colleges and universities in the region, as well as nationally. The equestrian teams not only assist students in developing riding skills, but also as individuals in sportsmanship, leadership and organizational management. 

Equestrian Teams Scholarship Application

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MSU Horseman's Association is an organization of students interested in the equine industry. It allows students with a common interest to organize horse events such as horse shows and judging events. It could be considered a social-professional association. The association also acts as facilitator for the Intercollegiate Equestrian Team. 

The mission of this organization is to promote horticulture through camaraderie among its members by conducting social gatherings, work parties, field trips and fundraisers. The club offers a great way for people to get together who have similar interests, who want to gain experience and knowledge, and also to share their knowledge with others. 

MSU Rodeo Teams compete as one of the thirteen colleges and universities in the Ozark Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Member schools of the Ozark Region usually have ten to twelve rodeos each year. The mission of the men's and women's rodeo teams is to provide the opportunity for students to earn a college degree while pursuing the sport of college rodeo. An introductory class in rodeo is offered each semester for beginning athletes in order to develop a better understanding of the events and rules of the sport. 

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Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship among its members. Sigma Alpha provides young women with an alternative to the social Greek sorority system.

Soil judging is an activity that is sponsored by the American Society of Agronomy through agronomy clubs recognized by this society. This activity helps students to learn about soil science and the variety of soils that we have across the United States. This activity also helps to build confidence by competing on an intellectual level with other students from the major land grant institutions in the Southeastern Region. If Murray's team is successful in the Southeastern region, they will advance to the National level. The team consists of four members and four alternates who can compete for high scoring individual. 

The mission is to sponsor and promote swine related youth events; develop fellowship among members, stimulate interest in animal agriculture; and support teaching, research and service activities that will promote swine production in our region.

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