The Oakley Dining Room

  Students in the Meal Management course (NTN 422) operate the Oakley Dining Room. The Meal Management course is required for students majoring in nutrition and dietetics.

 For each meal, the students start with an idea for a theme, build a menu around it, and then execute this multi-component project. This capstone course is an amalgamation of what these students have learned throughout their undergraduate education including courses in nutrition, food preparation, food science, and business management.  In the execution of their meals, the students develop professional skills such as critical thinking, time management, cost analysis, marketing, and customer service.
Each week a different student serves as the Oakley manager responsible. Other students in the class are responsible for preparing and serving the meal as instructed by the manager. These meals are definitely a group effort!
student interacting with customersStudent serving food to customers
The nutrition and dietetics program has partnered with organizations and businesses such as the Kentucky Poultry Federation, Midtown Market, Student Nutrition Association, Calvert City Chiropractic, Burrito Shack, and many more.
As a requirement for individuals majoring in nutrition and dietetics in the Department of Applied Health Sciences, students in the senior capstone course are responsible for planning, producing and managing meals. 
 The Spring 2021 line-up includes:
  • A Trip to Venezuela (March 17; $8 per person) managed by Carlota Salas and featuring tomato avocado salad, la peluda arepa, plantain chips, and your choice of panque de chocolate or a dulce de leche cookie. 
  • Mediterranean Escape (March 24, $12 per person) managed by Lindi Roesch and featuring zucchini feta rounds, Mediterranean shrimp with roasted tomatoes, pesto coated orzo, garden chickpea salad, and your choice of fig almond olive oil cake or coca fig bites.
  • Breakfast in Disguise (March 31, $10 per person) managed by Sarah Thompson and featuring "The Imposter", "Hidden in Plain Sight Hash", "The Scandalous Side", "Catch Me if You Can Cornbread", and your choice of "Master of Disguise Waffle" or "The Undercover Sweet".
  • Little Italy (April 7, $12 per person) managed by Grace Murray and featuring light minestrone soup, Nona's lasagna, caprese tomato salad, and your choice of cranberry almond biscotti or strawberry jam bombolini.
  • 4th of July BBQ (April 14, $13 per person) managed by Cara Mitchell and featuring the Star-Spangled Fruit and Cheese bowl, Uncle Sam's SIgnature BBQ Chicken, Yankee Noodle Salad, roasted asparagus, and your choice of Patriotic Bites or an All-American Brownie.
  • Comida Mexicana (April 21, $13 per person) managed by Briana Fox and featuring an elote cup, steak fajitas with vegetables, Mexican rice, refried beans, and your choice of churros with dulce de leche sauce or margarita compote. 
 View the students' webpages linked above. Each webpage provides links to ordering and paying online. The menu is fixed and substitutions are not possible. Pick-up and delivery times are open from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm. The Oakley Dining Room is located in Room 204N of the Applied Science North Building. Delivery is limited to Murray State campus at this time.