The Oakley Dining Room

Thank you for supporting our students with your interest in the Oakley Dining Room. In response to the coronavirus, Murray State University will move face-to-face courses to an online format starting March 25. Consequently, we must cancel all meals for the spring 2020 season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email: 

Students in the Meal Management course (NTN 422) operate the Oakley Dining Room. The Meal Management course is required for students majoring in nutrition and dietetics.

For each meal, the students start with an idea for a theme, build a menu around it, and then execute this multi-component project. This capstone course is an amalgamation of what these students have learned throughout their undergraduate education including courses in nutrition, food preparation, food science, and business management.  In the execution of their meals, the students develop professional skills such as critical thinking, time management, cost analysis, marketing, and customer service.

Each week a different student serves as the Oakley manager responsible. Other students in the class are responsible for preparing and serving the meal as instructed by the manager. These meals are definitely a group effort!