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Just one of the benefits of the Murray State University/MARC contribution to the Council on Post-secondary Education contract with ESRI is access to ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online is a web-only map creation and publishing tool. Users can publish their own unique geographic data sets or use data available from a myriad of servers located around the world to map a topic and publish their creation as a web map. 

The sample map provided was created and published by a former Geosciences student, Alicia Potter. Her senior project involved mapping the distribution of Murray State University Emergency Call Boxes as of Fall 2014. Ms. Potter collected GPS points using both a smartphone and a Trimble Juno handheld GPS. She developed a geographic data set subsequently published online and made available to website visitors. All Murray State University faculty, staff and currently-enrolled students potentially have access to Murray State University's ArcGIS Online for Education.

Additionally, ESRI makes this access free to pretty much anyone. Being a member of Murray State University's AGO allows campus users to share projects.

Interested parties should contact the MSU/CPE contract representative using the information below.


Mr. Michael Busby

MSU/CPE Contract Representative

420 Blackburn, Murray State University

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