The ESRI/CPE Higher Education Site License Agreement (HESLA) not only provides for a wide variety of software and software services but also provides access to some of the best demographic data available. ESRI has many business partners with whom they work in order to provide such a detailed and robust collection of data for academic use. As a result of contractual obligations to ESRI's 3rd party data providers, all members of the Commonwealth of Kentucky HESLA have access to several different data collections. The data collections, described below, are to be used exclusively for academic projects, student research and projects, and faculty research. The data can be used for grants. The data cannot be used for consulting or contracts. To gain access to the ESRI Data, please read the disclaimer, located below the descriptions of the data collections. After reading the disclaimer, use the form to request network access to the data images (ISO format). Requesting data access indicates acceptance of the ESRI Data Acceptable Use Policy.

ESRI Maps and Data

ESRI Maps and Data represent a ready-to-use global data collection. ESRI Maps and Data includes data for North America, Europe, and generalized data for the world.

The collection contains consider good spatial data, shapefiles, and SDC files. Spatial data compression (SDC) files are a common file type for large geospatial data sets.

Some of the data layers for North America include detailed roads, detailed political boundaries, water bodies, and points of interest. Some general demographic data is also included.

Data layers for Europe have as detailed as those for North America, with exceptions. The Europe data tends to be generalized, though for a novice user, having Europe data is convenient.

Global layers are heavily generalized. Scale of the data may vary from 1:100,000 to 1:1,000,000 or smaller. The global data is fine for multiple country, regional, or global scale projects.

MARC receives data updates regularly. Some of the products we maintain include the following:

  • Tapestry (Source: ESRI)
  • American Community Survey
  • 2012/2017 Demographics
  • Consumer Spending
  • Census

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