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Faculty, staff, and students have a variety of help sources at their disposal when working with ESRI software products. Sometimes, an answer is simply a Google search away. Knowing how to construct a clever Google search string can be part of the struggle.

The first line of defense is the ESRI Application Help. Using the Help associated with the software product will provide basic command use, required input info and any options for the particular command. For each software function or command, discussion of methodology is included. Finally, examples of Python code are included for use in scripting. ESRI "Help" is a good starting point.

ArcGIS for Desktop Online Help Library

Next, the ESRI Online Help Library for many applications is available. The ESRI Online Help Library is a collection of searchable manuals for assisting users in getting more information than might be available with the application Help files.

Please be advised: many significant changes exist in incremental releases of ArcGIS for Desktop software. Buttons may move. Right-click menus may change. Functions may be embedded in other functions. Therefore, please consult the Help for the appropriate software version.

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 Online Help

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3 and ArcMap Help

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 and general help

ESRI Videos

ESRI has produced a number of excellent, short online videos to support learning, technology, and use of ArcGIS products. By spending a few moments watching a video, considerable time might be saved later by avoiding "trial-and-error" learning.


ESRI programmers, developers, and design team members often post tips, techniques, or demonstrate new software additions or enhancements. The blog covers many different economic sectors, telecommunications, facilities management, transportation, utilities, plus defense and business.

ESRI Forums

ESRI Forums represent the breadth, depth, and experience of the ESRI user community. Some forums may be moderated by ESRI Support Staff; other forums may be moderated by "guru" level, experienced ArcGIS users.



ESRI developers, programmers, and designers often produce videos and upload them for their world-wide user community. People often overlook YouTube as a source of educational videos but these videos can be educational and informative. By searching YouTube for "esri" and "arcgis" content, someone may have posted a video discussing a topic of interest.

ESRI / Murray State Technical Support Contacts

When all of the above fail, an official "technical support request" can be submitted on behalf of users experiencing troubles. ESRI will recognize support requests from only those contacts named below.

Note: Email is preferred in order to maintain a record of contact.

Michael Busby

Campus Administrator, Technical Contact 1 and Virtual Campus Contact
MARC Systems Manager

420 Blackburn Science Building

Jane Benson

Technical Contact 2
Watershed Studies Institute

418A Blackburn Science Building

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