Characteristics of the Murray State Graduate

The excellence of a university’s baccalaureate program is ultimately best demonstrated by the qualities, characteristics, and performance of its graduates. Murray State University sets as its goal a baccalaureate experience that ensures graduates who:

  • Engage in mature, independent, and creative thought and express that thought effectively in oral and written communication;
  • Understand and apply the critical and scientific methodologies that academic disciplines employ to discover knowledge and ascertain its validity;
  • Apply sound standards of information gathering, analysis, and evaluation to reach logical decisions;
  • Understand the roles and applications of science and technology in the solution of the problems of a changing world;
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the world’s historical, literary, philosophical, and artistic traditions;
  • Understand the dynamics of cultural diversity, of competing economic and political systems, and of complex moral and ethical issues;
  • Understand the importance of and engage in ethical behavior and responsible citizenship;
  • Understand the importance of the behaviors necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • Demonstrate mastery of a chosen field of study, and
  • Value intellectual pursuit and continuous learning in a changing world.

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