Study Abroad policy

What is "study abroad" for the purposes of University Studies?

A course must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at least a 3-credit hour course.
  2. Be one of the following:
    1. professor-led and chair- and dean-approved;
    2. a CCSA course;
    3. a KIIS course;
    4. a IBS course; or
    5. an IIS-approved course, also with the approval of the department chair of the discipline of the course content, whether in an Murray State or non-Murray State program, including exchange programs and courses taken at universities abroad.
  3. Have at least 30 hours of substantive, structured academic contact hours abroad.  A course must meet SACSCOC minimum of 40 total actual contact hours.
  4. Require students to produce or complete a substantive project, paper, or other evaluative tool that demonstrates discipline-related knowledge learned in the course abroad.

The pre-departure basic orientation typical of study abroad programs would not count toward the total number of contact hours for the course.

When a particular course has been accepted as a study-abroad course and awarded credit under the thematic rubric, "Global Awareness, Cultural Diversity, and The World's Artistic Traditions," six times or more, that course will automatically be accepted into the University Studies Program and listed under that thematic category.

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