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Below you will find guidelines for determining courses in your major that qualify as a technology-intensive course. Please keep in mind that these are guidelines. They have been developed by Murray State faculty with expertise in technology-based courses. We realize that there will be situations in which some of these guidelines may not reflect accurately either a department's sense of what is best for students in individual majors or be feasible due to resource issues or staffing concerns. We offer them in the interest of providing some direction for departments whose area of expertise might not be technology or the teaching of technology. We offer them, also, to provide some parameters within which a department can assess the current course identified as Technology Intensive (TI), and make a determination as to how well that course or another course might qualify as Technology Intensive. They should be considered as guidelines, not dictum to be followed uncritically.

Overall, students in technology-intensive courses will demonstrate a knowledge of the roles and applications of technology toward resolving problems in an ever-changing world.

Specifically, students will:

  1. Develop the ability to use technology appropriate to the field of study;

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of technological concepts;

  3. Demonstrate an understanding of technological systems and/or operations if appropriate to the discipline;

  4. Demonstrate an ability to use a variety of technologies to access, collect, manage and evaluate data appropriate to a particular discipline;

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of how technology can be used to solve everyday problems within society; and

  6. demonstrate an ability to use technology-related terms correctly.

  7. demonstrate an understanding of the impact of technology on themselves, their culture, their environment, and their society.

In addition, and to the extent possible, the following should occur:

  1. At least 50% of the course content must be technology-intensive.

  2. At least 50% of the grade for the course must be based on student comprehension of the course content considered to be technology-intensive.

A course should not be designated as technology-intensive if it merely is delivered in an online format, uses Blackboard or its equivalent electronic delivery platform, requires that students access electronic databases in the course of doing literature reviews, and/or requires that the students use word-processing programs to write papers.

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