University Studies Review and Renewal

Just under ten years have passed since the current University Studies program was implemented. Given the passage of time and the changes we have seen in our students and in our local and global communities, we determined that it is time to begin the process to review and renew our University Studies program.

In the Fall 2017, a workgroup was formed and tasked with developing an innovative liberal arts program which prepares 21st-Century students to become active and informed citizens who understand the importance of learning and the power of knowledge and who go on to be successful in their lives and careers. Further, we seek to increase the engagement of faculty and students in University Studies, improve cohesiveness of the University Studies program, and elevate the perceived value of University Studies for all stakeholders.

University Studies Review and Renewal Workgroup Members

  • Renae Duncan, Chair
  • Michael Bordieri
  • Cindy Clemson
  • Jeremy Erdman
  • Ashley Ireland
  • Maeve McCarthy
  • Danielle Nielsen
  • Brian Parr
  • Kevin Revell
  • Melony Shemberger
  • Sue Sroda
  • Firm Faith Watson
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University General EducationCredit Hours Required
Eastern Kentucky University 36
Morehead State University 36
Kentucky State University 42
Murray State University BA: 41-44/BS: 38-43
Northern Kentucky University 37
Western Kentucky University 39
University of Kentucky 30
University of Louisville 31

The excellence of a university’s baccalaureate program is ultimately best demonstrated by the qualities, characteristics, and performance of its graduates. Murray State University sets as its goal a baccalaureate experience that ensures graduates who:

  • Engage in mature, independent, and creative thought and express that thought effectively in oral and written communication;
  • Understand and apply the critical and scientific methodologies that academic disciplines employ to discover knowledge and ascertain its validity;
  • Apply sound standards of information gathering, analysis, and evaluation to reach logical decisions;
  • Understand the roles and applications of science and technology in the solution of the problems of a changing world;
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the world’s historical, literary, philosophical, and artistic traditions;
  • Understand the dynamics of cultural diversity, of competing economic and political systems, and of complex moral and ethical issues;
  • Understand the importance of and engage in ethical behavior and responsible citizenship;
  • Understand the importance of the behaviors necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • Demonstrate mastery of a chosen field of study, and
    • Value intellectual pursuit and continuous learning in a changing world.

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