Inflation Animation Engineers

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Balloon Inflation Animation Engineer is a hands-on, minds-on, one-of-a-kind experience that teaches how to creatively twist balloons, enhance critical thinking skills, and develop strong communication skills. You’ll learn the exciting process of moving air, bending balloons, and Blowing Up Smiles. With this exciting themed balloon program kids and adults can experience firsthand what it’s like twisting balloons to make balloon animals and balloon friends! 

Balloon Inflation Animation Engineer was developed to engage and motivate student interested in learning science, technology, engineering, math, and related subjects. This is done through the use of balloons, professional hand, pumps, plan-o-grams and simple twisting. 


For Summer 2021, we're offering two celebration options: virtual and in-person!

  • The in-person camp will take place on June 18th from 8:30-11:30 on MSU's main campus and includes hands-on activities led by master engineer, camp director, and founder of Big Balloon Nation, Steve Christmas.
  • The virtual camp will include kits mailed directly to your home including 100 latex balloons, a professional hand pump, and access to 7 exclusive online instructional videos. Create masterpieces at your own pace and log onto Zoom June 18th at 6:30pm to twist balloons, show off your work, see what other young engineers created. Twist and speak directly with Chief Encouragement Officer and original Inflation Animation Engineer, Steve Christmas.
Cost: $147
Registration closes June 14, 2021.
Ages 8 and up
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