What should I do first?

The first step is to contact the Adults Belong in College office. We strongly encourage adult students to attend one of our adult orientation sessions for back to school information, or you can talk with us individually.

How will I pay for college?

Approximately 70 percent of Murray State students receive financial assistance. Financial aid is a combination of non-repayable grants, low interest loans, and optional part-time employment available to full-time and part-time students. In addition, several Murray State scholarships are earmarked for adult students, and many employers will pay for courses that improve your job skills.

What if math and English are difficult subjects for me?

Most beginning adult students have to take refresher math courses, and many also need to take a refresher English course. These courses can be a part of your first semester. We also offer courses to improve your reading and study skills and free tutoring in many courses.

I’m afraid I won’t fit in.

Usually, you will be in a class with one or two other adult students. It is normal to feel uncomfortable at first, but this feeling soon wears off. Also, professors enjoy having adult students in class because they are motivated, interested, hard-working and serious. What instructor wouldn’t want students like this?

I am too old.

It's never too late to start. As of Fall 2013, approximately 28% of Murray States total enrollment are considered to be adult students.

I started college but didn’t finish, and now I’m busy with work and family.

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies program is a flexible degree designed especially for adults who already have 60 college credits and can’t come to campus.

I don’t know what career I want.

This is not unusual. Counselors and advisors can help you find a career that suits you. You can start school and decide on a career while you are taking required courses.

What programs are available at Murray State?

Murray State offers more than 100 different academic programs from which to choose.

Can I take classes at night?

There are many academic programs that offer online and evening courses. We also offer a variety of online degree programs.

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