Summer School


For summer, faculty members may receive 2.5 percent of their salary per credit hour if they meet the minimum enrollments of 10 for undergraduate and 8 for graduate courses. (Adjuncts are always paid according to the RAO payment chart. See below.) Summer School is considered to be separate from the academic year; therefore, for 9- and 10-month faculty, the 20 percent extra compensation limit does not apply. Faculty may receive a maximum of 15 percent of their salary during the summer.

Low enrollments are considered to be courses that have 9 or less for undergraduate courses and 7 or less for a graduate course. Instructors will low enrollments will be offered 10 percent of 2.5 percent of their salary per enrollment for an undergraduate course (3 hours) and 12.5 percent for a graduate course. Adjuncts with low enrollments will be paid based on the payment chart below. RAO will never cancel a course due to low enrollment. It is the decision of the college, department, and/or instructor to cancel a course. RAO must be notified two weeks prior to a course cancellation and a Schedule Correction form canceling the course must be completed. 

Enrollment to determine pay will be taken the day after the course begins. Changes to payments will not be made after this date. 


E-mail Lisa Schmidt at for a  copy of the 2018 Summer Memo which includes detailed instructions and policies. 


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