Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)


As an enlisted soldier who is interested in becoming an officer in the United States Army, you are afforded the opportunity in becoming an SMP cadet.  An SMP cadet is an officer trainee who is attending college and a member of the Army Reserve or the National Guard.  As an SMP cadet, you gain valuable training opportunities outside the ROTC program.  While you are an SMP cadet, you receive guard or reserve benefits along side your ROTC benefits.  Scholarships and additional stipends are available to cadets who wish to be an SMP cadet while completing course requirements.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Sergeant (E-5) pay: about 256 dollars for a two day drill weekend
  • Book Stipend:  600 dollars a semester
  • Housing Scholarship:  5000 dollars a semester
  • Tuition Scholarship:  full tuition will be paid
  • Montgomery GI bill is available to those who meet the requirements to claim

Points of Contact

SFC James Jones

Kentucky National Guard Recruiter