Checklist for Exchange Students

After you have received acceptance at your university, you will need to complete and submit the following materials to Murray State University:

  • International Student Admission Application

  • DS-2019 Information Form

  • Transcript Release Form

  • Language Proficiency Requirements:

    • IELTS overall score of 6.0 (5.5 for full admission with condition)
    • TOEFL overall score of 71 (61 for full admission with condition)
    • SAT score of 960
    • GTEC overall score of 1190 (1100 for full admission with condition)
    • PTE overall score of 51 (45 for full admission with condition)
    • Duolingo English Test overall score of 100 or higher (90 for full admission with condition)
    • TOEIC overall score of 790 or higher with 160 or higher speaking ( 700 with 140 or higher speaking for full admission with condition)
    • Kaplan English Certificate Advanced Level (Higher Intermediate Level for full admission with condition)
    • Admission to or Completion of the ESL Program at Murray State University OR
    • British / Cambridge International Examinations: GCE, GCSE, IGCSE, AICE, HIGCSE certificate with five O-Level subject passes, or a level of B-2 or higher on the Cambridge English exam.
    • Completion of one  semester of full-time university level classes (minimum of 12 credit hours) with a 2.5 GPA or higher at an accredited US institution.
  • Certified Transcripts of all college coursework

  • Financial statement providing proof of support while at Murray State

  • Proof of insurance (or you can purchase insurance here after your arrival)

  • Murray State Housing Application and Deposit of $150 (Murray State housing application and deposit must be filled out online. The application cannot be processed without the deposit) OR College Courts Application and Deposit of $150 (Murray State housing application and deposit must be filled out online. The application cannot be processed without the deposit)

  • Universität Regensburg students will also need to speak with the Auslandsamt about required additional materials for admission to the MBA program, including TOEFL requirements, GMAT and Vordiplom scores.

  • Degree seeking students will need to bring their original transcripts.

Please send your completed application packet and all the documents electronically to Bill McKibben  ( or Misty Brown Lanham (

As soon as you are admitted as a visiting student, we will send you a DS-2019 and other arrival information. You should take the DS-2019 with you to the closest US Consular Office to apply for your visa along with the following:

  • passport

  • financial statement

  • acceptance letter from our office

After you have made your flight arrangements, you should send your arrival information to Bill McKibben  (

If you plan on securing health insurance from a provider in your country, you should make sure it fulfills the requirements mandated for a J-1 visitor. Check the Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure included in your admissions packet for these requirements. You can also purchase insurance after your arrival at Murray State.

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