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Emma WebberEmma Webber

Hometown: Murphysboro, Illinois
High School: Murphysboro High School
Major: Human resources management





Emma Webber is a senior at Murray State University seeking her human resources management degree. This is her story.

Activities and Organizations

  • President of the Society for Human Resource Management
  • Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society
  • Management, Marketing and Business Administration Club
  • Student ambassador


Who has influenced you the most in your life and why?

My parents have had the greatest influence on my life. My mom and dad have pushed me to always reach for the next highest goal, and to seize every opportunity that has been afforded to me at Murray State. They provided me with the tools to be successful in my schooling and my career, and most importantly, taught me the lesson of kindness and how my actions affect others. Without them, I would not have the drive, motivation and excitement for learning that I have today. I hope to use their lessons to serve the future workforce and to be kind to every person who crosses my path.

What first sparked your interest in your chosen field?

When I came to college, I knew I wanted to study something in the field of business, however, I was unsure what it would be. In my freshman transitions class, we did a brief overview of many different paths that we could take, with professors from each coming in to speak. I remember Dr. Sandy Miles coming in from the management department to speak to us about how human resources makes such a huge impact on the workplace. By recruiting, motivating, and retaining the best employees, HR can help businesses across the globe become more successful and more profitable, and that is something that I wanted to be a part of. I love to work with people, and I love the strategy behind how people affect the day-to-day operations of a business, so I knew human resources would be right for me.

What do you want to do after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to find myself in a human resources position where I can use the knowledge and experience that I have gained in my time at Murray State to better the company and community. I am very passionate about using my knowledge to help motivate employees, so that they will then provide customers with the best possible experiences. I hope to find an organization that understands the value of each employee, and will use their individual abilities to grow the organization as a whole.

Why did you select Murray State? 

Murray State was the first college I visited in high school, and after I came I knew I didn't need to tour anywhere else. The culture of Murray State in acting as one big family, and the way faculty/staff genuinely care about your future success, is unmatched. I have found that the community that Murray State has built truly makes new students feel at home immediately, and makes the transition into college so much easier. After meeting with recruitment staff, and professors from the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business, Murray State immediately felt like home.

Who is one of your favorite professors and why? 

I have had many professors who have impacted my college journey and my life in general throughout my time at Murray State. There is one professor specifically who has taken the time to invest in me since my freshman year, and that is Dr. Teri Ray. Dr. Ray is a professor in the management department who has been there for me since day one. I had Dr. Ray as a professor my second semester at Murray State, where she told me about the Society for Human Resource Management, and invited me to come to a meeting. This organization then became one of the best and most meaningful experiences in my entire college career. I am now the president of SHRM, and speak with Dr. Ray almost every day. Along with being the advisor for the group, she is also a beloved professor and caring individual who provides her students with wonderful opportunities to grow their career, and connections with employers that place many students in full-time jobs. She invests in every individual she meets, and keeps up with her students post-graduation to continue to support them in their careers. Dr. Ray has shaped my college experience in so many ways, and I am so lucky to know her!

What is one of your favorite Murray State traditions/experiences?

My favorite Murray State Tradition is All Campus Sing. I always joke that it should be a city-wide holiday because of how beloved it is to both the school, and community. It is a wonderful day for everyone to come together, enjoy the beautiful campus and sing along to their favorite songs. The supportive and fun atmosphere that the day brings is something I will always remember and reinforces the fact that Murray State is one big family that brings everyone closer.

What is something you've accomplished at Murray State that you're most proud of and why are you proud of it?

Something that I am most proud of is our SHRM group placing first in the SHRM regional case competition in West Virginia this fall. Our group was given a case study that we were tasked to come up with solutions for, and to present our findings to a panel of judges. With only one week to solve the case, our group used our knowledge and experiences we have acquired at Murray State to come up with solutions and recommendations that landed us in first place at the competition. I am very proud of this accomplishment because it is a great representation of how our professors have prepared us for real-world issues, and given us the resources necessary to solve them. I believe this speaks very highly of the future professionals in human resources that come out of Murray State.

What do you think sets Murray State apart from other universities?

Being an alumni of Murray State is the ultimate bond. When you meet another person who is a Racer, you are treated like family automatically. The environment of support and success that Murray State encourages truly makes it a place like no other, and gives every student great pride to attend such a wonderful university.

For a prospective student considering which college to attend, why do you think they should consider attending Murray State?

Potential students should consider Murray State because it is a place where you will immediately feel at home, make connections that last a lifetime, and receive an education that will propel you to future success. Murray State faculty and staff strive to see all of their students prosper, and will help you do so in any way they can. The possibilities and potential that are waiting at Murray State are unmatched by any other university.


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