Bill and Myra Phelps

The Shoe Tree near Pogue Library

The Shoe Tree is located outside Pogue Library and is an ongoing tradition for couples who met at Murray State and went on to get married.

Bill and I had 3 chance meetings in 1985. It was lucky #4 at an Alpha Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho Halloween mixer did we finally click! I did not want to go, but my roommate talked me into it so I would not get in trouble for missing; plus there was a cute AGR in one of my classes (who turned out to be Bill's fraternity big brother) that I wanted to get to know better. I had dressed up as Pebbles (from the Flintstones) and he walked into the party wearing cowboy boots, thong underwear over boxer briefs, and a cowboy hat-he was making fun of one of his brothers who had recently been in an ADPi 500 event. He walked right up to me and I burst out laughing. He asked "So, you like my outfit?" "You've got guts-that's all I can say about you!" was my reply. We talked, danced, and laughed all night long and have not been apart since. After 32 years of marriage and two children, we are still laughing and having a great life together! 

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