Don and Betty Clayton

Feb 11, 2022

Don and Betty Clayton during college and today.

Don ('77) and Betty ('84, '08, '10) Clayton during their respective times at Murray State University and a recent picture of the couple at an event.

Don and Betty have a "non-traditional" Racer love story. They didn't actually meet at Murray State, but rather years later when they reconnected because of Murray State. Betty had been helping Murray State Racer Football standout and alumnus Danny Lee Johnson ('83) create a media package as part of his selection for Murray State's Athletics Hall of Fame, and Danny knew he wanted the input of another Racer football legend, Don Clayton. Danny asked Betty to reach out to Don and that's how it all started. Betty made it a personal challenge to get into contact with Don. Once she did, sparks began to fly.
"We learned that we had several things in common, and we enjoyed long conversations over the phone," Betty said. "Don and I had never seen each other during this time, so one day I decided to “move in for the kill.” I sent him a picture of me and then he sent one of him. We both were pleasantly surprised, but I think it really didn’t matter how we looked because sharing, laughing, debating and reminiscing is what opened our hearts to each other."
"Don flew in from South Carolina to visit Murray State’s campus after being away for 40 years. I learned that both of us had lived on Farmer Avenue as students. We drove down Farmer Avenue to show each other where we lived as students. When we drove past a two-story apartment building, we both pointed at it and said, “that’s where I lived!” Don lived there in the 70s and I lived there in the 80s! A visit to the campus would not be complete unless we attended a football game, and from that, we attended several football games! We are diehard RACER fans and try to make it to all the home games. It brings us so much joy to see former classmates and teammates, who became our FRIENDS. After several football games as a couple, (although several people thought we were already married), we decided to tie the knot October 12, 2019."
"So, if you attend a Racer home game, and you wonder if the Claytons are “in the house,” you will find us in the end zone under the big Racer Football Alumni Association tent cheering the Racers on to victory! Go Racers."

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