Dr. Blaine and Rebecca Corners

Feb 18, 2022

Dr. Blaine and Rebecca Corners then and now.

Dr. Blaine ('93) and Rebecca ('95) Corners during their days at Murray State University and a recent picture of the two.

"I completed my BS in 1992, and decided to stay and pursue an MS in Agriculture," Blaine said. "As part of the coursework, I took Large Animal Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Terry Canerdy at Carmen Pavilion. As I left the classroom three days a week, I noticed a beautiful, smiling face. Always a smile, that was captivating. One night at a family party at the Alpha Gamma Rho house, I had the courage to talk to the beautiful young lady, Rebecca Sumner. That weekend, we had our first date. Pizza at Pagliai's and the movie "Groundhog Day." The movie we watched may have torpedoed most relationships from the start, but not these two Racers. We were inseparable for the last 3 months remaining in the Spring term. We continued to date through the summer, and beyond. We married in August of 1994, and Rebecca graduated in 1995, following a semester at Breathitt Diagnostic Laboratory.

Years later we continued the Racer story by having two beautiful daughters. The oldest is now a Legacy freshman at Murray State University and loving her time there, as well. Our youngest daughter is a prospective Racer! We have since moved across seven states and currently reside in South Central Tennessee. Without Murray State University, our paths would have never crossed, and our Racer love story would not be continuing to this day."

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