Dr. Michael and Anita Mumford

Feb 2, 2022

Dr. Michael and Anita Mumford then and now.

Dr. Michael and Anita Mumford during college and pictured at a recent event.

The summer of 1967 after I graduated from Christian County High School, my younger sister(Sara) suggested that I take her and her friends, Anita and Theresa (sisters) to the movies. This trio was called " The Bosom Buddies". I agreed to the date. For the remainder of the summer and fall, Anita and I continued to keep in touch. I enrolled at Murray because I was familiar with the University, having attended a Summer Science Institute sponsored by the National Science Foundation during the Summer 1965. Anita was planning to attend Tennessee State the next fall but indicated that she would come to Murray if we both committed to a serious relationship. We did and in the Fall of 1968, Anita enrolled at Murray. We married in the Spring of 1969. In the Fall of 1969, Sara also came to Murray State, met and married my fraternity brother, Don. Theresa enrolled in the Fall of 1970. Due to one movie date all our lives were transformed.

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