Edward and Brittaney King

Jan 28, 2022

Edward and Brittaney King then and now.

Edward and Brittaney King when they attended Murray State and their family today.

While she doesn’t remember it, Brittaney and I were in the same 2002 Summer Orientation group the summer before our freshman year. During our freshman year, she was a member of the Racer Girls dance team and I was a member of Racer Patrol who had to work several basketball games. I recognized her at the games from our Summer O group, but she didn’t know I existed.

Fast forward to our sophomore year, I was a SigEp and she was a TriSigma. The SigEp sweetheart was also Brittaney’s sorority sister and introduced us. We went with a group of friends to see a play at the Robert E. Johnson Theatre and hit it off instantly. Our first official date was to see her Lizzo (“you know”) roommate in a play at the Wilson Hall Theatre. We were officially a couple in November of 2003 and as a member of Racer Patrol, the number of escort requests I received began to increase.

In late fall/early winter of 2005 I proposed to her in the Wilson Hall Theatre where we had our first date. We married a month after graduation in 2006. After almost 14 years of marriage, we have two beautiful and healthy children, two dogs, and have moved multiple times from Kentucky to Washington DC and back. I’m thankful for the many things that Murray State gave me, but I’m most thankful for Brittaney. I never dreamed I would find someone so perfect...for me, but it makes perfect sense that that person is a Racer. #RacerSoleMates


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