Eric and Connie Umstead

Eric and Connie Umstead then and now.

Eric and Connie Umstead today with their family and during their college days at Murray State.

I met Connie on a blind date on October 17th, 1983 just outside the Curris Center on the bank of grass during a Breds Baseball game. Apparently, on of my teammate's (msu football 82-85) girlfriend was tired of me being a third wheel and decided to beg a classmate to meet me. After a few spaghetti specials from Pagliai's and a lot of begging of my own, Connie decided to keep me around. After 37 years, two children, one a graduate of Murray State and another about to graduate from Murray and soon to be 6 degrees from Murray State in the family, the best years of our lives have been associated with the people we've met here. For me personally, just about everything exciting or good in my life has in some way been connected to someone I met or something I did while a student or faculty member here at Murray State.

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