Gavin and Michaela Suver

Gavin and Michaela Suver at the Shoe Tree and with their child.

Gavin and Michaela Suver pictured in front of the Shoe Tree near Pogue Library and again with one of their children.

"Michaela and I met when we joined the leadership team at the BCM at the end of freshman year. Our first date began at Dairy Queen, and ended at Clark’s Creek with some friends, where we sat on the banks and talked for hours... The night before we went home for the summer. We learned to communicate over the phone while Michaela worked summer camp, and when we were finally back together I knew she was the one for me. I am so thankful she said felt the same! We love everything about Murray, and try to visit as much as we can. We will be married for 5 years in June, and now live in my hometown of Benton, IL with our daughter and our dog (named Murray). We are also very excited to welcome baby #2 this August!

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