Gerry and Valerie Cox

Jan 28, 2022

Gerry and Valerie Cox then and now.

Gerry and Valerie Cox during their colleges years and who they are today.

Gerry and I met when we were set up on a blind date by my ADPi little sister...for Homecoming! It was 1988. He lived next door to the sorority house and we would see him out running every day. We joked and gave him the nickname Archie for his red hair. We went to Homecoming and the rest is history. Gerry graduated in May of 1989. He was commissioned into the Marine Corps that same month. He move to Virginia for training while I stayed and finished my last year at Murray. The Easter before I graduated he came back for the weekend and proposed in front of my entire family. We got married on December 1, 1990 with a host of Murray State friends in attendance. Now it is over 29 years later. We've lived through 20 years of Marine Corps life and had 2 children along the way. After retirement from the Marine Corps, we moved to Alabama and have made our home here for the past 10 years. We have an amazing life and it all began at a wonderful place called Murray State University.

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