Jake and Andrea Hildebrant

Jan 28, 2022

Jake and Andrea Hildebrant then and now.

Jake and Andrea Hildebrant on a trip to Scotland during college and an image of them today.


Andrea was from Crestwood, KY and I was from Greenville, KY. We had met before I started at Murray State and wrote back and forth and started a long distance relationship. My plans were to attend UK and major in electrical engineering and her plan was to attend USC and major in child psychology. I visited a friend at Murray State just before I started at UK and fell in love with the campus and people. I started in the electrical engineering technology program in 1996 and convinced Andrea to try Murray State. She loved it too and entered the Social Work program. She lived in Springer and I lived in Franklin. We went from living hundreds of miles apart to dorms that were next to each other on campus. We became involved with Chi Alpha on campus and in 1997 went on a Spring Break Mission Trip to Scotland where we helped to restore an older church and worked with local youth in Dundee, Scotland. That fall semester, I had my last final for the semester on Friday and left to attend our rehearsal. We were married December 13, 1997. Our time at Murray State was a magical experience for the both of us. We loved it so much that six years ago we jumped at the opportunity to move our family back to Murray and to teach in the Electromechanical Engineering Technology program. Andrea and I have been married for 22 years now and have three children. Our time at Murray State is very special to us, both then and now.

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