James and Diana Groves

Jan 28, 2022

The Shoe Tree near Pogue Library

The Shoe Tree is located outside Pogue Library and is an ongoing tradition for couples who met at Murray State and went on to get married.

I first saw the love of my life at a street dance in front of the library. My best friend and roommate was dating her best friend. On my birthday, in September of 1973, I came home from work and they had asked her over to our house to meet me. So, she was actually my birthday present! I was recently divorced and had custody of my 3 year old daughter, we were living in a house with 4 of my friends. "5 men and a baby". It was truly love at first sight! I quit dating everyone and dated my future wife for about 6 months and we got engaged, we married on May 31, 1975 after she graduated. We have 2 children and a storybook marriage that has now lasted 45 years. My wife Diana is simply the love of my life, we've truly had a storybook marriage and life together. We now have 6 wonderful grandchildren. Life is good! And, we continue to be connected to MSU. Go Racers!!

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