Jeremy and Julie Boyd

Jan 26, 2022

Jeremy and Julie Boyd then and now.

Jeremy and Julie Boyd during their college days and again at a reunion years later.


Jeremy “Boocha” and I met at Murray State in 1996 when we both lived in Cambridge. I lived across the street and my Tri Sigma sorority sisters, who also were his high school friends, lived next door to him. We met through our mutual friends and we instantly became inseparable. Our friendship quickly evolved and we officially started dating in 1997. After many formals, college adventures, and attending each other’s graduations, we married in 2003. It’s seems like yesterday when we were on campus. We share so many fond memories from college and now have two beautiful children, Jayden (12) and Jude (9). We fell in love with Murray State so much, we decided to settle and raise our family in Murray upon graduation with our Masters Degrees. He is my best friend, my soul mate and we are each other’s encouragers; all of this would not have been possible without Murray State University!

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