Josh and Tonya Wells

Jan 28, 2022

The Shoe Tree near Pogue Library

The Shoe Tree is located outside Pogue Library and is an ongoing tradition for couples who met at Murray State and went on to get married.

We were both Safety majors at the time... he was gone on his internship when I was at the ASSE banquet. They announced that one of our interns had been in a terrible accident and had a to be sent to the hospital via life flight. They asked for prayers... as I prayed I had a calm come over me. I knew he was going to be okay because I was going to marry him. I hadn’t met him but once let alone dated him, but I knew he was going to be fine. When he came back to Murray, he and I had classes together. I knew him as Jay Wells. He was a nice guy, but he had a girlfriend. A semester or two later, he didn’t have a girl and we were in class together. We worked on a class project together and later he asked me out. I went to a fraternity softball game and afterwards we went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream... Later our first official date we went to see La Bamba. We really clicked! Every time he would come to our night class, he would have detailed his car and offered to take me home. We were then an item. We got married in January of 1989, had our first daughter in 1990, second daughter in 1993 and our third daughter in 1999 (All 3 are Racers).... #RacerSolemates #OnceARacerAlwaysARacer #RacerFamilyTradition #3generationsofRacers

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